Loki devotional giveaway completed!

The drawing has taken place and the winner has been notified. Thanks again to everyone for sharing and participating in this first giveaway; I look forward to having another one very soon.

I’m going to go back to that initial contest post and hide all comments containing an email address. I appreciate people’s willingness to share that information openly. I know it’s not the most elegant solution to contest organizing and I understand hesitation regarding sharing such personal information. I asked for preferred email addresses because even though WordPress provides me with the email address of commenters (this information is hidden from public view), these addresses are not always the preferred contacts. I will probably try something slightly different next time to help ensure a greater degree of privacy for everyone.

Hand bound copies of the Loki devotional are always available through my Etsy shop; I also offer Odin devotionals as well as the option to create a custom book with your personal devotional material. Both devotionals can be printed in a large typeface for greater visibility or using the OpenDyslexic font; just look for the custom Odin/Loki devotional listings.

A portion of all sales of the Loki devotional go into a fund to sponsor these giveaways. Though as some of you are no doubt wondering – yes, Odin has been pressing for His own devotional fund to sponsor giveaways. I’ll have to sit down and try to organize that, too. With rising postage and materials costs I may have to adjust the price in the not-too-distant future but it should only be by a few dollars at most but that has the potential to affect the grand total any giveaway fund has to achieve.

At any rate, I’m off to run morning errands before work. My presentation for Many Gods West is coming along nicely. I’m finally adding some art to the PowerPoint presentation and I’ll begin chopping my notes into digestible chunks pretty soon. My personal writing projects have stalled for the time being; I’m very focused on work right now because I’m looking at some burdensome medical expenses that sadly can’t be avoided. I’m putting off both a much-needed eye appointment and the neurologist appointments until I can pay down some of my existing medical debt. (Buying something from the shop or simply sharing the items you like would really help me out right now.)

I can’t wait to share some of my newest writing projects with everyone. Thanks for sticking with me.


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