Hand bound Loki devotional books and much more

Finally I can share the project I’ve been working so hard on for the last several weeks. I’m now offering hand bound copies of Loki devotional books in my Etsy shop.


These devotionals contain an English translation of both the Lokasenna from the Poetric Edda and Lokka Tattur (Loki’s Tale), a traditional ballad from the Faeroe Islands.


These are exceptionally lovely little books and they’re a genuine labor of love. If you would like a copy for yourself with larger font size, a different font face (including OpenDyslexia), or with a different decorative cover, then just use the custom listing.

I’m truly honored to be offering these little books to other devotional practitioners, especially other friends and lovers of Loki. In gratitude to Him for all He’s done and to celebrate the body of worshipers I’m part of, a portion of each sale of the Loki devotional book will be set into a fund that will help make discounted copies available from time to time.


I’m also now offering custom devotional books with *your* own content. This is the perfect way to collect prayers, hymns, petitions, short stories, and other content into a unique and beautiful volume. These collections can be placed on your altar, given as a special gift, or used as an offering (I can use natural paste if you wish to burn, bury, or drown your offering).

I look forward to creating many more of these special devotional books, so please share this post. If you’d like to see some more pictures of my hand made books and other items, please check out my other blog.


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