Big news! Tarot readings now offered

I’m very happy to announce that I’m now offering tarot readings through my Etsy shop, Coffee At Midnight. I started reading tarot when I was twelve years old (yes, really!) and I have over twenty years of tarot study and practice. I began reading professionally at 18 and have read at Pagan Pride Festivals, psychic fairs, and metaphysical shops in addition to one-on-one private readings for clients. MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA I’m offering a five card reading for $25. Your reading will include a detailed interpretation speaking to directly to your concerns in addition to photographs of the cards drawn for you. The five card spreads I do are able to speak to a range of concerns touching on emotional, practical, and spiritual matters. An intersection of material and spiritual forces can be mapped out to clarify circumstances that you find yourself in. A spread arranged according to elemental influences can uncover imbalances of power regarding a particular situation. The five states of being – mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and ancestral can also be assessed with this direct reading.

I am currently reading with The Mermaid Tarot with art by the incomparable Dame Darcy. (Pictured at the top and to the right.) Dame Darcy’s art is deeply influenced by her magical lifestyle. This deck is full of powerful, watery imagery that deftly addresses concerns of an emotional, intuitive, and spiritual nature while also speaking to concrete, practical matters. It is a colorful, feminine deck that helps bring up the treasures of one’s spiritual and mental depths. Interested in a reading with a different deck? I also read with The Tarot of the Sweet Twilight, a darkly whimsical and intuitive deck based on the Rider-Waite-Smith system. You can see a sample of this deck below. It is filled with fae creatures and is ideal for readings regarding a range of liminal concerns. MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA


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