Home from PantheaCon

I’m finally headed home from San Jose and another year of PCon. I’m already mentally planning next year’s trip so it’s fair to say I had a good time. Chronic illness symptoms keep me close to my hotel room but I still manage to do some interesting things. There’s always programming that I’m interested in and plenty of things to do but honestly, getting to meet people in person is the best part. This year I got to connect with people I’ve only known online; one person I’ve known for a decade and never met until this weekend.

I’m certainly looking forward to coming to PCon again in 2016 but I don’t think I’ll submit another presentation proposal. Getting accepted as a presenter in 2014 was the motivation I needed to get me back out into the community and it woke up my love and enthusiasm for teaching and sharing information. It might be time to pull back for a while, do some more personal work, then perhaps prepare a new session a couple years from now.

(To those who have come to my blog via Sunday’s session: Thank you! It was such a pleasure sharing my work with you.)

A lot of interesting energies can get shaken up at an event like this. You put a lot of pagans together and interesting things happen. I had some very moving experiences that I didn’t expect to have and I have some things to sit with. For now though, I’ll focus on getting home safely and bringing myself back to a secure and stable center. Once home, I’ll need to spend a couple weeks catching up on work but sooner or later I’ll post a couple new entries here.


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