Questions about marrying gods or spirits?

This is a signal boost for a project I’m pleased is happening (there are multiple books in the works on the topic of sacred marriage, in fact). There is considerable misunderstanding on the topic of sacred marriage within a pagan and polytheist context despite (or hell, perhaps because of) historic and mythic precedent for such expression within our various traditions. This configuration is both a paradigm of relationship and a complex engine of spiritual development that has the potential to create both highly refined and very unexpected and unusual outcomes in one’s private religious life. It is both self-justified (existing for its own sake) and undertaken for reasons beyond the personal.

No single volume will be able to capture the fullness of this particular spiritual expression because it is a phenomenon being currently practiced and furthered here, today, now. We are learning more and more about it simply because it is a practice emerging and being rediscovered. Though I strongly believe that devotional practices and expressions don’t need to have their value justified, an clear exploration of these topics is valuable to people seeking a greater understanding.

You have questions? This is a good opportunity to ask them of people who are willing to answer.

Strip Me Back to the Bone

I haven’t talked about it because I’m a tad superstitious when it comes to talking about writing projects before a certain amount of work has gone into them, but Beth has talked about it, so why not?

We’re writing a book on Sacred Marriage.

(Most important to note: we’re writing a book on our experiences of being godspouses for the last decade and then some. We are writing the book we wish had been when we started upon this path. It is not meant to be an authoritative “this is how you must do it” book — anyone who reads our blogs or knows us online should hopefully know by now that that’s not how we roll. We are far more in the “this is what works for us,” camp.)

Part of the book will be addressing questions, so if you have any to ask, now’s your chance! I’m not saying…

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