Mystic Love; intermission

Wow, I really hadn’t expected such a response to my little post about mystic love. I’ll finish it up at with the rest of my current thoughts at some point but right now I’m mentally drained from the exertion of the weekend. (The local presentation of my PCon session went well and I got some good feedback; this will make the real thing even better.) To thank everyone for their signal boosting and interaction with my tiny blog I’d like to share the YouTube movie on Meera’s life that I’m currently watching. Unlike the other two that I like, this one is in Tamil and is considerably older (1945). It’s fun for lots of reasons. The girl playing young Mirabai is appropriately cute, as is the older actress. Adult Meera has lots of disinterested expressions for her mortal  husband and bears his attentions with humorous impatience. We also get several Tamil devotional bhajans instead of the Gujarati bhajans that are typical of Mirabai movies so that’s cool; I lovelovelove the traditional ones but it’s fun to explore additional songs, too. Andal is also mentioned in passing, yay! To see the English captions, just turn on the CC option.

Something that always impacts me about Meera’s story is that as a queen, she had absolutely everything. Up to the point of her renunciation she never had a moment of want. She even got a temple built to her Beloved (at least she does in many of the movies about her life, including this one). Regardless of all this plenty, she still suffered. Even in the most ideal of circumstances, her search for Krishna was challenged at every turn. No one has it easy on this path; this is simply because the mystic’s path is not an easy one. It is so easy to feel downright oppressed at the difficulties facing our individual searches. I strongly believe that these feelings of frustration shouldn’t be taken as an indication that the search for the Beloved is fruitless or impossible or that we’re just not meant to find Them. This is just the nature of the path and it has to be accepted as such. I’m sorry it hurts. I’m sorry for myself and for you and for Meera and for all of us who suffer from this very precise form of loneliness and hurt. But this path also leads me closer to my Beloved and so I have to bless it.

Anyway, enjoy.

PS: I’m sorry that I don’t have any info about the distribution or current copyright holder of this film. IMDB doesn’t have any helpful info on this count either. There are some channels on YT that seem to be authorized by specific distros (Shemaroo is a big one and their channel includes a Meera movie) that you can explore further.


2 thoughts on “Mystic Love; intermission

  1. Niamh says:

    I’m moved by the stories of Mirabai and her struggles, as well. ❤

    "I strongly believe that these feelings of frustration shouldn’t be taken as an indication that the search for the Beloved is fruitless or impossible or that we’re just not meant to find Them."

    Your comment resonates with me. Sometimes I experience words within dreams, and dreams within visions — if that makes sense at all. I encounter a certain expression of Love in those moments. When I wake from those dreams, or pull free from those visions, it feels like loss. Like something old and gone that I can't recover. It's good to be reminded that perhaps it isn't impossible. That perhaps it's just a long and difficult search, but one worth all the frustrations and grief that come with it.


    • Silence says:

      I can definitely relate to the feeling of loss. There is something so precious about spending time in close contact with the Divine. It’s easy to say that it’s just a matter of getting rid of the obstacles that keep us apart. Sometimes it’s pretty much impossible to even recognize what those obstacles are.


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