Something exciting….

I can’t tell you all about this new project yet, but I’m too excited to keep it entirely under wraps. I’ve been distracted from blogging by a couple important writing projects, one of which is my first significant output in several years. That’s exciting enough. This project is also all about Loki, which is extra exciting. 😀

This particular project will be released in waves, so there’ll be plenty of opportunities to snag a copy for yourself. At the high end I’ll be doing a limited release of special edition, hand bound books that will be signed and numbered, and dedicated in a special ceremony. At the low end will be an open ebook edition on multiple formats. Keep an eye out for an announcement soon, probably later this week.


New Book: Further Along the Heartroad

Further Along the Heartroad! It’s a thing! Or it will be – eventually.

I’ve talked for a year or so about a follow-up to Walking the Heartroad and in all honesty, this new book has been in the works for quite a bit longer than that. For better or worse this second volume is not going to be finished quickly. Most of this has to do with the fact that I do actually write for a living which means that all my energy is given over to writing copy for drain cleaning products and not to writing books for you guys. Don’t feel sad, though; having a professional writing job has made me a much better writer and I feel reasonably confident that Further Along will be a much stronger book than the first volume. It will also be quite a bit longer, a little broader in scope (not addressing spirit workers specifically), and a lot more detailed.

Here’s the sneaky peek you’ve all been waiting seven years for. It’s just a portion because, well, I want to protect my work and I don’t want to give away all the secrets right away (plus certain aspects of the outline might change). I also included a 20-page excerpt of material from this book in the Kindle edition of Heartroad and I’ll probably share other previews as the project progresses; watch this space.

I need to thank absolutely everyone who has supported and who continues to support this very humble work of mine. Articulating the self-aware emergence of a devotional current within paganism and polytheism has been a greater adventure than I ever might have expected to take part in.

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Guest post for Heather F: Devotional Relationships and Their Parallels With Bhakti Sadhana

I recently broke my Internet silence and shared a few thoughts regarding some recent conversation in the online polytheistic community. Though observers might suggest that experiencing a connection and/or identification with a sacred Power is a bizarre aberration of practice, it is actually an established part of multiple devotional traditions. I specifically discuss this process within the context of bhakti since that’s where my knowledge base lies.

The occurrence of a deep level of personal identification with a sacred Power is not new in paganism/polytheism and it is not new within greater scope of devotional practices. Each tradition describes it slightly differently using technology and concepts specific and relevant to that tradition. We have seen some people express this connection/identification in terms of reincarnation. This is mechanic of the polytheistic worldview relevant to the practices of the individuals, just as joining the body of Christ is relevant for Christian devotional practitioners and as entering the sacred play of Vrindavan is for Krishna bhaktas. Anyway, you can read parts one, two, and three on Heather’s blog. Who knows, maybe I’ll revisit some of these topics in a future post or video.