Hand Bound Books

Book binding is a traditional art form practiced around the world for centuries. Today book binding is still practiced much as it was in the past. Though bindery machines are now commonplace, binding books by hand is still done. Hand bound books, like other items made by hand, retain evidence of the human touch at every level. This is a distinctive and valued characteristic of these special items.

I make devotionals, blank books, books with custom content, and other hand bound books in my home workshop. I live in a desert, so ambient humidity is relatively low year round. The paper-based materials that are used in these books can respond dramatically to changes in ambient humidity, especially when the shift happens suddenly. If you find that the cover boards on your hand made book have bowed, simply place your book flat under a couple large, heavy hardcover books for a couple days. Make certain that the cover boards are evenly lined up or the book may settle in a canted position (where the cover boards are slightly out of line). As your book adapts to your local climate, it will settle back into place. This process may need to be repeated if you travel with your hand made book or if your local climate experiences seasonal peaks and troughs in humidity levels.

Thank you for supporting this traditional art form.