Old Stuff – A Few Q’s and a Few A’s

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As a self-styled eccentric recluse I typically avoid overt self-promotion and choose instead to cultivate a deliberate air of mystery. This is a fancy way of saying that I never know what to say about myself, my work, my future projects, or any of the other things that proactive pagan-flavored authors/creators are supposed to do. I’m also really busy making ends meet and I have to manage a spectrum of chronic illness symptoms that eat up a lot of focus. BUT if I’m going to be serious about this new direction I want my work to take then I’m gonna have to get comfortable with the idea of talking about myself, my work, my future projects, and other proactive topics.

Q: You! Tell me about you!!

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Old Stuff – Friday Session, PantheaCon, 2014

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This month I had the great pleasure of sharing some of my work with the attendees of Pantheacon 2014 in San Jose. In fact, I’m updating this blog from my hotel room a few blocks away from the con site. This is my first time attending PCon; though I’ve tried to attend several times the cost of getting here from Salt Lake City and the numerous logistical difficulties always kept it just out of reach. But once my session proposal was accepted I just had to commit myself to making it happen.

I was given a spacious room on the first floor and the turnout was flatteringly large (thank you everyone!). If I had known how large the room would be I would have requested a mic. I’ve presented at a number of other conventions and conferences in the Salt Lake area but this was my first time presenting pagan material at a pagan convention.

My experience as a presenter was very positive; the staff were all helpful, the tech was ready to go, and the space was really comfortable. (Actually you know what, I *have* presented pagan material at a pagan convention and the space there was so dreadful that I blocked out the whole thing. Yikes! I’m glad I didn’t have a repeat of that regrettable experience.) I would love to come back again next year as a presenter. I’d like to polish up this session some more and make it even better and then submit it as a proposal again next year. I’ve got some other material that I’ve presented in other venues that could be expanded into something PCon-worthy. I’ll keep you updated!