Blogging is hard

The many and complicated reasons that I began blogging haven’t changed, but my willingness to stick with this task has. I’m still here, I’m still interested in writing and sharing, but the things I want to write and share have become much fewer in number. I not only write for a living I try to write all my pagan stuff with the teaspoons left over – and there are fewer than ever. Therefore everything gets put before this poor blog.

I’ve rarely been someone to write walls of text and certainly not on a frequent basis; I’m impressed by the stamina of such authors and envious of their ability to resist eye strain. Sorry if you’ve been counting on 3,000+ word posts every few days but I don’t have it in me, less now than maybe ever.

goldpearlI am, however, fairly busy on social media because in some ways it’s easier. I don’t want to fill my blog with Etsy shop updates (but hey, there’s been lots and lots of updates!) but at the same time that’s often the biggest news. I’m trying to resurrect the Coffee At Midnight Facebook page and I’m busier than ever on my official author page. ‘Like’ either of these pages to stay up to date on the small things. I’ll try to share the big things here.

Oh! Speaking of big things, I’ve added some new content to the Virtual Temple Project YouTube channel. In addition to a playlist of monthly videos celebrating Loki Herself, there’s also a growing playlist of tarot/oracle deck walkthroughs and mini-reviews. (They’re probably not proper walkthroughs but they’re also not quite full reviews, so whatever.) I’m very excited to showcase some of my favorite decks and am using this as an opportunity to explore new decks that I haven’t gotten around to purchasing just for my own use.  The first publicly released video is a review of The Slutist Tarot, which I’m obviously enthusiastic about. Patreon supporters get first looks at all video content, including future deck walkthroughs and divination-related stuff, too!IMG_3087

Possibly the biggest upcoming thing is Many Gods West, which I’ll be presenting two sessions at. I’m excited to be part of this event for the third time. Both previous years have been highly positive and it’s been a good way to meet people I never would have otherwise. I have ambitions to release at least one of these sessions as a narrated slideshow video after the event but it’s going to take a while.

If you’re local to the Salt Lake City area, please stop by and see me at Elemental Inspirations in Sugarhouse! I’m the house tea leaf reader there two Saturdays a month or buy appointment. I do tarot and oracle readings, too. It’s been a long time since I was a house reader and I’m excited about the challenges that I’m sure to encounter. I want to get better at this craft, so I’m making it a more central part of my habitual practices – hence the growing collection of to-be-released divination videos. 😀

Thanks for reading and for sticking with me.


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