Worshiping Loki ebook now available!

If you’ve been waiting for an electronic version of Worshiping Loki, a .pdf version is now available on Etsy. This is a convenient way to take the book along with you or to read at your leisure on any computer capable of displaying .pdf files (Adobe Acrobat). Current smart phones and tablet readers are generally capable of supporting .pdf files but I can’t answer any questions about the compatibility of particular devices with this file.

If you’re interested in a paper version, the standard copy is still available for $8 and the printer’s error edition is still available for $4.

I’m working on getting .epub and Kindle versions of the book set up. I seriously want to get the audio book version done by the end of the month but there’s another big project I’m in the midst of that is taking a lot of my attention. Thanks for your patience.



5 thoughts on “Worshiping Loki ebook now available!

  1. Dagan says:

    As much as I would like to have a hard copy in my hands (giggity) I’m glad that electronic versions are becoming available. Space is something of a premium in my life right now.


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