A New Blog!

I know you’re all just barely getting used to the fact of this blog, but it was time to move this to a more established location. You can find this blog in its new home at :http://www.walkingtheheartroad.com/ Snazzy, huh? It looks almost exactly the same only it has a different header image and a couple of the other pictures I’ve used in the past didn’t migrate. That’s OK.

I don’t know how this is going to impact things like follows and comments so I do hope you’ll bear with me during this transition. Update your bookmarks and please feel free to share this with your own readers. Thanks again for sticking with me.

[Edited to add: Hmn, it seems there’s some functionality problems with the new blog. It’s live, you can use it, you can comment, but it’s not doing everything I want it to. With any luck in the next week or so I can sit down with someone who has the skills to walk me through the mess I’ve made and get everything lined up. This blog will remain active and updated until I’m able to move forward the way I want to. Sorry for the premature notice, folks. This is all very new to me.]


2 thoughts on “A New Blog!

  1. firechildk says:

    Does that mean that this blog will become inactive? The new blog looks nice, but I don’t see a follow option. When I bookmark stuff, I usually end up never looking at it again. I’m trying to get more organized with how I spend my time, but there’s too many things competing for my attention and I can’t get to all of them. I think I’ve only been following this blog for a short time, but I like it very much and would like to read more 🙂

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    • Silence says:

      Thanks for asking; I’m planning to keep this blog active. It turns out that I made a mistake in attempting to upgrade this blog. The upside is that I have the domain name I want; the downside is that I’ve lost some of the functionality that comes along with wordpress.com. I may just have to update them both in tandem until I get the behind-the-scenes stuff squared away. If all else fails I’ll just keep the domain name and info over there, allow my paid account to lapse in 12 months, and then deactivate it.


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