New Book: Further Along the Heartroad

Further Along the Heartroad! It’s a thing! Or it will be – eventually.

I’ve talked for a year or so about a follow-up to Walking the Heartroad and in all honesty, this new book has been in the works for quite a bit longer than that. For better or worse this second volume is not going to be finished quickly. Most of this has to do with the fact that I do actually write for a living which means that all my energy is given over to writing copy for drain cleaning products and not to writing books for you guys. Don’t feel sad, though; having a professional writing job has made me a much better writer and I feel reasonably confident that Further Along will be a much stronger book than the first volume. It will also be quite a bit longer, a little broader in scope (not addressing spirit workers specifically), and a lot more detailed.

Here’s the sneaky peek you’ve all been waiting seven years for. It’s just a portion because, well, I want to protect my work and I don’t want to give away all the secrets right away (plus certain aspects of the outline might change). I also included a 20-page excerpt of material from this book in the Kindle edition of Heartroad and I’ll probably share other previews as the project progresses; watch this space.

I need to thank absolutely everyone who has supported and who continues to support this very humble work of mine. Articulating the self-aware emergence of a devotional current within paganism and polytheism has been a greater adventure than I ever might have expected to take part in.

Chapter One: Accepting Evolution: Accepting and Recognizing Changing Forms of Practice and Relationship

Chapter Three: The evolving devotional self

Chapter Four: Developing honesty, humility and compassion

Chapter Five: Seeking Refuge in Tradition and the Body of Devotees

Chapter Seven: Recomitting to the Longer Goals

Chapter Eight: The Value of Devotional Service


4 thoughts on “New Book: Further Along the Heartroad

  1. Dver says:

    Very much looking forward to the new book, as I consistently recommend your first one to just about everyone (and even gave it to my mother to read when trying to explain some of my spiritual life to her). I especially like your first chapter topic, as it’s something that’s going to come up for anyone who spends a significant amount of time on this path, but isn’t talked about nearly enough.

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